Retirement Roadblocks

Retirement Roadblocks - 7 Financial Risks to avoid

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1. Longevity: LONGER LIFE, BIGGER RISK. What if you live longer than planned? This could result in greater than anticipated retirement income needs. Longevity is the “risk multiplier” for other retirement income risks. 

2. Inflation: SAME MONEY, LESS POWER. Over time, your ability to maintain purchasing power can be impacted by increases in the cost of goods and services. As a result, your retirement income may need to increase yearly to maintain your living standard.

3. Sequence of Returns: TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Market volatility may pose major challenges when withdrawing money from retirement assets. Withdrawals during market downturns in retirement could create a domino effect with no time to recoup those losses.

4. Withdrawal Rate: MAKING MONEY LAST. When you take money out of your savings for retirement, you want to be sure you aren’t emptying your tank too quickly. Aggressive withdrawal rates can compromise your retirement assets' ability to generate income throughout your retirement.

5. Social Security: CHOOSE WISELY. With many options on when and how to file for Social Security benefits, it is only logical to take a closer look at which choice may guide your retirement income journey in the direction you want to go. 

6. Healthcare: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Healthcare costs are one of the largest expenses in retirement. These unpredictable costs can catch you off guard and derail your retirement with expenses that can affect your financial well-being. 

7. Taxation: PAY NOW OR PAY LATER. With the rising national debt, tax rates and rules could change at any point. Diversifying your retirement savings into different tax vehicles can limit your exposure to these changes. 

Relative Income Value (RIV) is a way to evaluate how much retirement savings may be needed to meet your income goals in retirement. This calculation can illustrate withdrawal rate risk, so you can determine how much to safely withdraw each year from your retirement portfolio safely and to avoid running out of money before death. This innovative RIV calculation will quickly evaluate various retirement income assumptions and show how an annuity solution may help achieve retirement income goals.

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