Health Insurance at 65

Older adults, veterans, and people with disabilities often have trouble finding what benefits are available to you and how you can access them. In approximately 20 minutes, we can evaluate and discover exactly what you are entitled to.

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Helping you save money so you can live the life you deserve!

It will only take a 20 - minute phone call to understand your options -  our services are free of charge, obligation, and judgment. 

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CSA Mission

The Society of Certified Senior Advisors (SCSA) educates and certifies professionals who work with seniors. The Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® credential applies to professionals who are able to demonstrate their competence and knowledge of working with older adults into their professional practices. By creating a network of qualified professionals, SCSA strives to create a strong and safe environment for seniors and those working with them.

CSAs are required to agree to the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility as a component of certification and must pass the Roles, Rules, and Responsibilities Ethics (RRR) course before they may be certified.  The CSA Code of Professional Responsibility requires CSAs to place the needs of older adults first and foremost.  Upon recertification, the CSA must reaffirm they will abide by the CSA Code of Professional Responsibility and the public should feel confident that the commitment to older adults remains throughout the period when the CSA is certified.  Additionally, the CSA’s competence upon initial certification will continue to grow as they continue to practice and maintain certification as the knowledge associated with being a CSA includes knowledge of building networks of experts for professional advice.


The CSA certification and education programs are developed through a rigorous practice analysis/research study involving hundreds of professionals who work with the older adults from the academic community, industry practitioners, regulators, business, and non-governmental organizations. Accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the CSA credential applies to professionals in all areas of the aging industry. SCSA is committed to maintaining the high standards of ANSI and NCCA accreditation by continually improving its certification and education programs.

In order to maintain the CSA certification, individuals are required to demonstrate a commitment to high standards, continuing education, professional ethics, and trust. This sets the CSA credential holder apart from other practitioners working with older adults.

Our Mission

At Health Insurance 65, it’s about YOU and YOUR needs. We are health insurance brokers; what does that mean to you? We don’t just review one insurance carrier, we work with multiple insurance carriers offering a variety of products, to provide an insurance solution that best suits your needs. We stay informed on everything happening in the insurance marketplace to always make sure that the product you have selected is still the best option for you and your family. We are committed to consistently following up with you throughout the year to make sure that you are fully aware of all your insurance options or any changes that may have taken place, and to ensure that your plan is continuing to work correctly for you!

What Our Clients Say...

Mr./Mrs. Harlin O., Missouri

We Are in our eighties now and ever since we became eligible for Medicare Jim has always followed up with us. His attention to detail has always assured us we are paying the lowest possible rate.

Juanita C., Illinois

I always tell him I would love to meet him in person and cook him dinner. He is very polite, kind, and makes everything easy to understand.

Tara V. Tennessee

A very patient man. He did what other companies said couldn't be done. When I was turning 65 he was the only one I felt really took time to listen to my needs.

Herschel W. Texas

All I can say is call him. You won’t be disappointed. Very fun to work with.

Daisy S. Georgia

My husband and I always recommend him to everyone in our Church who is on or getting on Medicare. He is always happy to help whenever we call and he has a very efficient staff.

Tim A. Michigan

I have known him for years. I even kid him that my wife remembers him when he had hair. He always keeps in contact with us making sure we are always paying the lowest possible rate. He also sends very interesting birthday cards that we have saved.

It will only take a 20 - minute phone call to understand your options -  our services are free of charge, obligation, and judgment. 

1 (833) 467-2865

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